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Google Images Search Results

I mentioned earlier that traffic from Google Images isn’t of the highest quality. On average, people leave after just more than one page view, which means they likely came to see a particular image and had no interest in anything else on the site.

I looked at my Webmaster Tools account on Google to get a feel for what types of images searches are driving traffic to The Deets, and now have a better understanding of why people don’t stick around. Below is a list of the top-20 search terms people typed into Google Images and ended up at The Deets from:

1	wrestling 
2	emo 
3	beer 
4	arm in arm 
5	arm 
6	arm wrestling 
7	arm wrestle 
8	sexy girl 
9	sax 
10	ipod boobs 
11	gay sumo 
12	sax animation 
13	girl sweeping 
14	sexy girl website page 
15	generic beer 
16	bull wrestling 
17	minneapolis 
18	sexy emo girl 
19	ipod 
20	immagini emo

All are issues that have been discussed here at some level, but none really represent the theme of the site. Well maybe generic beer but even that’s a stretch.

4 thoughts on “Google Images Search Results”

  1. The most common image searches that find my site are Toby Keith and Yosemite Sam. I think there’s kind of a theme there.

    Of course anybody Googling either of those things is likely to hate my blog.

  2. iPod boobs is what brought me here and iPod boobs is what keeps me here.

    Vive la GOOG!

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