Noisy Shoe Rant

This rant was originally published in Westender magazine in Vancouver. It reminds me of Mark’s comment on a previous post where he mentions that right-wingers could go off on anyone at any time for any reason:

Worst Foot Forward
Another extremely annoying thing happening nowadays besides loose lips flappin’ on cellphones is women’s noisy shoes. Have you noticed? Both are noise intrusions, noise pollution, and a lack of respect and courtesy to other people’s quiet space. These cheap, trashy shoes are even heard in hospital corridors. We live in a society that lacks good style and good common sense. I’m ready to take these noisy shoes off these starving-for-attention females and beat them over the head.
– Peter, Rantline caller

Could Peter’s last name be McCain?

I recently ran into a noisy shoe issue, but the offender was a DUDE! He was a VIP flyer on United who – rather than kick back in a lounge chair like everyone else – paced around the lounge while scuffing his rubber soled moccasins with every step. He was not a particularly proficient pacer.

Unlike Peter, I laughed at the absurdity of the situation and smirked at the “Peters” who clearly were close to beating the business traveler over the head with his moccasins.

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