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Featured Douchebag Comment on StarTribune

Perhaps this is being overly critical, but doesn’t the term “featured” imply that there is something of value? I mean, things are featured for a reason, right?

With that in mind, check out this “Featured Comment” from the sidebar of a StarTribune story today:

Douche Bag Strib

It’s great that the StarTribune is experimenting with new features like “Featured Comments” but I think a label such as “Random Comment” or “Our Readers Will Say Anything, and Here’s an Example that Proves It.”

Also, if there is only one comment (like in this case) is it really a “Featured Comment?”

A human touch could really turn this into something valuable rather than laughable. No human would refer to the only comment on a story as a “Featured Comment” but a script will if that’s the way it’s programmed.

As long as I’m in a sidebar bashing mood, how about bringing in some slightly more relevant stories than the ones shown? I imagine there were other U of MN or basketball stories that would be more relevant links for further reading. Jumping from basketball to fishing or football fans is a bit of a leap.

Ideally, labels should reflect the content. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Now, turning the mirror on The Deets for a sec, I run a sidebar type feature on here that’s currently labeled “Related Posts” where titles from previous posts that are, well, related in some way to the current post are displayed. Whadya think of that label? Over on MNteractive, the term “Algorithmically Related Posts” is used to describe the results of the plug-in that’s used to generate the recommendations. While that is more accurate, I think it’s a mouthful so have kept it simpler for now. What’s your take?

13 thoughts on “Featured Douchebag Comment on StarTribune”

  1. The title of your post is deceptive. I thought for sure I was going to read about a featured douchebag.

    That said, “Related Posts” works for me – succinct and logical (just like my lovemaking).

  2. The Strib has only itself to blame. DJ Tice refused to do any meaningful moderation of comments at The Big Question, all but inviting the rightwing trolls to take up residence.

    The key attribute of a rightwing troll? Their willingness to trash talk anyone at any time for almost any reason. They don’t respect athletic achievement, they don’t respect differing views, and they love to show off their vocabulary with French words like “douche bag.” (Yes, it’s two words because one is French and the other is English.)

  3. This is hilarious! It makes me wonder what other featured comments can be snuck in.

    I think the related posts feature on the Deets works well. Don’t make any changes.

  4. I, for one, was glad to finally see some “fresh” comments in the Star Trib. That said, I think they could “clean” it up a bit in the future.

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