Twin Cities Metromix Sneak Peak

A new site from KARE-11 is launching tomorrow called Metromix (link not yet active). Probably the shortest description I can come up with is that it’s KARE’s answer to the StarTribune’s site. KARE-11 uses the following description on their job board:

“A new local entertainment site aimed at 18-to-34-year-olds.”

They also offer $5 for each business description you write for them, which is 1/2 of what Google pays for the same type of work.

Minneapolis Metromix

The site is built on a platform already in use in other cities, so to see working examples today, check out

The site seems to have three personalities: local, syndicated, and social.


Locally produced content will include a local bar and restaurant directory with maps and ratings.

Minneapolis Metromix

The mapping looks pretty good so you can see other neighboring restaurants on the maps. The local music scene will be covered by Rob Van Alstyne, who’s pre-populated the site with at least one piece:

Minneapolis Metromix

A local events calendar (music and other) is also being maintained.


Some of the site’s content – generally the stuff under the tabs to the right – is syndicated from national sources. Things like movie times and reviews from nationally syndicated reviewers, TV show updates and schedules, etc. Nothing that people can’t already easily find online today.


The local angle could be valuable if they get some traction there, but the social side is where the bigger value and stickiness could come from. People can sign up with the site and create “playlists” which are a stupid name for what are simply “lists.” Lists of things you’d like to do, recommendations, etc. For example, you could create a list of places you’d like to hit on a pub crawl, or plan a weekend of events, restaurants, and a concert using this feature, then share it with friends.

Additionally, users can upload photos from events and venues they’ve attended or visited, which is a great way to share experiences with friends and strangers. Here’s an example from a Solutions Twin Cities happy hour at Herkimer:

Minneapolis Metromix

However, the social side only works if the local Metromix team can convince locals to join and contribute to the site.

Metromix has a few important things going for it: first, it’s on a stable, proven platform that has already been used in other cities, so the site will work. Second, they will get a lot of cross promotion from KARE-11. Promoting great photos uploaded to Metromix on KARE-11 could help sell the value of contributing to people who like seeing themselves (and their friends) on the TeeVee.

5 thoughts on “Twin Cities Metromix Sneak Peak”

  1. This site sounds awesome. Thank god someone in the twin cities is finally putting together a useful site. I checked out Chicago and it looks great!

  2. Wow, that’s the most over-hyped, astroturfed comment I’ve read in a while, TK.

    It makes me wonder who signs your paycheck. 🙂

  3. TK’s comment about sums up how I feel about Metromix.

    You just don’t see that kind of blatent self promotion anymore…

    Seriously though do we need another yelp/citysearch?

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