Will Scrabulous Get You Fired?

Facebook’s new Lexicon feature (free Facebook membership required) graphs the popularity of terms used by Facebook members over time. For example, a search for the term “hangover” shows an unsurprising spike on January 1st:

Hangover search on Facebook Lexicon

Looks like there is a recurring weekly hangover problem as well. And additional spikes for the days after St Patrick’s Day and Halloween.

So, what is this Scrabulous vs Fired graph telling us:

Scrabulous Gets you Fired?

Is the popular online Scrabble game hurting the economy?

And are bachelor parties doing more to break people up than bring them together?

Bachelor Parties Cause Breakups?

I’ll try to investigate further once I’ve played a few games to Scrabulous to help me recover from a hangover. 🙂

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