Fortifido: Bottled Water for Dogs

I’m pro-healthy dogs, but I have some serious doubts about whether this is how to achieve it:

FortiFido: Fortified Water for Dogs > Peanut Butter

Yep, that’s right: Bottled vitamin water for dogs.

It comes in peanut butter, spearmint, lemmongrass, and parsley. For some strange reason, each flavor has a different mix of vitamins, so if your dog doesn’t like the taste of parsley it can kiss healthy skin goodbye.

I’m not a dog owner, but it seems to me that dogs will eat or drink just about anything, so I don’t understand the benefits of flavoring the water. And do we really need our dogs contributing even more bottled waters to our landfills?

In Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, he suggests that we should be wary of eating foods our grandmas wouldn’t recognize. I have a feeling that the same rule should apply to dog’s and their grandmas.

5 thoughts on “Fortifido: Bottled Water for Dogs”

  1. It is pretty amazing really how much some people spend on their pets, for food, grooming, the vet, et al.

    My dog was happy with a tennis ball to retrieve and an old rug to lay on.

  2. I might get this, but only to see what peanut butter flavored water is like for myself.


    Where can I get this?

  3. I was at the World of Coke in atlanta this week and learned that flavored waters are the fastest growing beverage market. Seems like I read somewhere else that pet products were a fast growing industry as well.

    As a new pet owner I have been amazed at what I’m willing to purchase for my dog that I would have previously rolled my eyes over.

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