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Uruguay Sets World Barbecue Record!

Congratulations to Uruguay for setting a new record for World’s Largest Barbecue. 26,400 pounds of beef!

Uruguay sizzles up one big barbecue

The barbecue was so big that firefighters were called in to light the grills and make sure the flames did not get out of hand. It beat the previous record of 17,600 pounds (8,000 kilograms) of beef, Girton said.


When we were in Uruguay in December, we had a chance to experience this on a smaller scale. This was one of around a dozen asados “grills” in what’s basically a beer garden of meat in Montevideo.

Grilling Meat

Here’s what we ordered from the grill:

Grilled Meat

Beef, sausage, chorizo and blood sausage.

That washes down well with some Medio & Medio (a bottled mixture of sparkling wine and white wine):

Carly with Medio y Medio

Scale that out to 26,000 pounds and you can start to appreciate just how impressive that world record really is.

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