Square Sliced Pizza vs Regular Slices

The Parkway Pizza vs Pizza Luce post from last week brought out some passionate comments on the advantages and disadvantages of square sliced pizza.

photo credit: rick


Photo by Aaron Landry

Let’s see if we can settle this square slice vs. regular slice pizza slice debate. Or at least quantify where people stand so we know how to order for our next pizza party.



BTW, that random letter ‘n’ above the poll is a little bug I’ve found in some combination of WP 2.5 and Democracy Poll 2.0.1.

18 thoughts on “Square Sliced Pizza vs Regular Slices”

  1. Aaron, I settled for that shot. I admit it. I looked pretty hard for a better shot and kept finding square shaped rather than square cut pizzas.

  2. I tend to go with the regular cut pizza for the simple fact that the crust is a nice holding spot so your fingers do not get messy.

  3. Square-cut pizza has a couple of advantages that I can think of. First, the majority of pieces have no extra crust, letting you enjoy the cheesy, meaty goodness unimpeded. Second, square slices are generally smaller, so if you are in a situation with multiple types of pizza, you are free to try as many as you like without filling up to quickly.

  4. Has the entire world gone mad? You must all have been educated stupid. Regular cut is the only way to go. I don’t want to consistently reach down and grab more pieces of pizza to feed my ravenous hunger. I want to grab 1/8 of a pizza at a time and consume it, like any sane person would.

  5. true that zelltron….I generally prefer regular to thin crust. It must be noted that its really a decision of crust thickness more than actual geometry. Generally thin crust cut square-regular crust cut pie style. Some asshats will cut a thick crust square but thats just retarded….might as well fold it over…wrap it in a taco…..dip it in breading….sew it together with bacon….oh well you get the idea…it aint right.

  6. I abstain from the vote. Sure there is a write-in option, but I have been burned by voting for the third party in the past. Paging Peter Hutchinson to the nearest pizzaria that cuts their pizzas into octagons.

    Actually, I think the type of cut in a pizza is one of many variables. The cheese to sauce to topping ratio, flavor of the sauce, speed of delivery, size of each topping (i.e. Parkway’s tomato slices are discs–not diced), and crust flavor are all more important.

    Debating slice shape is like debating which President would make the best fishing buddy.

  7. Okay, see, I wasn’t paying attention. When I voted for square-cut pizza, I was thinking of a square-shaped pizza. Cut into squares. Not a round pizza cut into squares.

    No, a round pizza must be cut into wedges and a square (or rectangular) pizza cut into squares.

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  9. I have heard it said that thin crusted round pizza cut into squares is a ‘Dayton’ thing, and can be found in local chains such as Marion’s, Cassano’s, and a number of local places, like Faith’s. (Ironically, Cassano’s has slices in their web pics, but their pizza is famous for being squares.)

    Squares are easier for small kids to eat, but it is inherent that it is a thin crust, and there is not much if any outer rim of crust in this style of pizza. I grew up with both kinds, but I don’t remember anywhere in Michigan that had square cut pizza, so it probably really is a regional thing.

  10. I like how the squared slice picture is one of great misery and filth. Sitting on a lame brown paper towel on a lunch tray. This is, of course, pictured next to the glorious ‘pie’ sliced pizza, shining in cheese and delight. May be reading into it too much, but that’s what I saw.

  11. I prefer square and I like the middle squares thin sliced. The best pizza is cut in half with wedges on one half and squares on the other half.
    Try it, you’ll like it. I like the middle squares best.

  12. First of all, square cut pizza was the original pizza. There were no pizzas cut in the pie wedge until pizza hut came along. Square cut is the only way to go. Its thin, crunchy, better cold for breakfast, and the tomatoe sauce taste come thru much better. The best was have everything on them and come from Ohio.

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