No One Trusts Bloggers?

A report came out yesterday suggesting that no one trusts bloggers.

Frankly, that’s one of the most refreshing things I’ve read in a while. If people trusted someone just because they rambled on about something on the web using a free blogging platform that would be bad; very very bad.

The report goes on to state that people have a lot of trust of people that they know who they define as “people like myself.”

However, this makes me wonder, “What happens when your friends have a blog?” If your friends read your blog and trust your opinion on subjects that they know you know something about, will they suddenly distrust your opinion just because you posted it on a blog? Of course not. You’re the same person, right?

I can only assume that the study mentioned above is asking what people think of random generic bloggers since no one would discount the opinions of people they know who happen to blog.

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