Who Profits From Your Content When You're Dead?

Jules Kivell brings up a good point about digital legacies: what happens to your online persona when you die?

Digital Ghosts Remain When Folks Pass Away

Do *you* know all of your on-line accounts? Your Linked-In, Flickr, eBay, iTunes, online banking, PayPal and Facebook accounts can keep going for a *long* time. Would a loved one be able to housekeep for you? Do you have a file saved with all your on-line accounts and passwords?

One solution to this would be to maintain a password list in a safe deposit box so a family member could manage your online life once you pass.

This made me wonder what happens to the revenue you’re generating from the grave. In a world where millions of bloggers have ads from AdSense or affiliate links on their site, it seems safe to assume that your content will continue to attract visitors and ad revenue after you’ve passed away.

Where does that revenue go? Are people passing along their AdSense and Amazon affiliate accounts in their wills? Will ad networks allow for the inheritance of publisher accounts?

I imagine, without proper planning, Google may find itself generating income from ads running on dormant sites with no one to share revenue with.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with this issue?

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