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Free Cheese Balls

If you’re into Nascar, pull tabs, beer, and puffed cheese balls, I’m sure you’d like the Cedar Inn at Cedar & 42nd in South Minneapolis.

Cheese Puff Balls

The cheese balls are free. And, after a few beers, are they’re good enough to eat even after being dropped on the floor by people who aren’t good at catching them in their mouth. Although the thrower should share some of the blame.

I haven’t tried their burgers yet, but I get the impression that they’re pretty good (and Weezie’s meatloaf sounds good too).

Lake Inn Burgers at Cedar Inn

The Lake Inn was where Buster’s on 28th is located. I never made it there pre-Buster’s, but the burger must have been worth saving since it has found a new home a few blocks West at the Cedar Inn.

6 thoughts on “Free Cheese Balls”

  1. My parents loved the burgers at the Lake Inn, I thought they were just ok. Better than average for a dive bar, but there are better burgers out there.

  2. Who knew? I tried a few neighborhood dive bars back in the ‘hood, and was wholly unimpressed, and in fact quite grossed out (The Cardinal.)

    So now I find out that one dive bar serves free cheese balls? I sooo would have been a regular. Is it too late? Sigh. For the price of gas there and back I could buy my own cheese balls. FYI — I moved to the ‘burbs. And it’s been good, strange but good. Until the free cheese balls.

  3. The last time I visited the Cedar Inn, (which was quite some time ago now) the burgers were what shocked me. I have to say that I didn’t really care for the decor/ambiance, but damn, those gigantic, hand-pattied-by-mom-type burgers were DELICIOUS. Disturbingly so, in fact.

  4. Not only are the cheeseballs free but the Cedar Inn has “Bags” on-site. For thoes of you who have not played the game, “Bags” is like the “Golden Tee” version of a been-bag toss. Kirk and I played a very closely contested match/game/volley. Then Ed and I clashed for the South Minneapolis Championship of the world – what a battle. Mike’s skills, on the other hand, were really not very impressive; although, he is a very impressive cat-walker. Thanks for putting up the pictures from the Cedar Inn. On a sad note, “The Mummy” is on right now and I’m watching it. It’s obviously not enough for Brendan Fraser just to star in yet another movie, but they’re already previewing the next two sequals. Is this for real? I’m pretty sure the Indiana Jones would not take this without a fight.

  5. My California burger was above average and reasonably priced. The folks are very friendly here. It was worth my stop.

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