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Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

I’m not sure why the monkey on Anti Monkey Butt Powder is giving a thumbs up. He looks like he could have used some Anti Monkey Butt Powder and has the grimace of someone who forgot to liberally apply Anti Monkey Butt Powder to his monkey butt.

This is available at the now-open East Lake St Frattallone’s Ace Hardware near the checkout. A perfect impulse buy.

It turns out that Anti Monkey Butt Powder has a website at

Aaron points out that Frattallone’s dropped off t-shirts at Longfellow homes that are good for 10% discounts when worn into our new Ace Hardware. Would wearing that shirt into True Value be considered a wardrobe malfunction or a hardware shopping fashion faux pas?

2 thoughts on “Anti Monkey Butt Powder”

  1. i think the name is better than spic&span .its about time someone called it what things should really be called .for example ,i go into hannaford to get monkey nuts and people look at me funny when i say oops sorry kiwi fruit im like a kid i call it as i see it so thumbs up on the name .

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