Second Hand Smoking Pee

Perhaps you heard this past week about a study done by the U of MN that measured the pee of hospitality workers pre and post-smoking ban? Here is a summary of the results from the ClearWay site. ClearWay, by the way, is a group set up to spend tobacco settlement money on anti-smoking efforts.

Conducted by the University of Minnesota Cancer Center and sponsored by ClearWay MinnesotaSM, the study analyzed urine samples taken from nonsmoking hospitality workers before and after the smoke-free workplace law took effect. Findings show that levels of NNAL, a byproduct of a lung cancer-causing toxin, decreased by 85 percent, and levels of cotinine, a measure of nicotine exposure, decreased by 83 percent.

It is kind of scary to think about non-smoking servers inhaling smoke, which then passes through their lungs, blood stream, kidneys and bladder before leaving their system. Night after night.

ClearWay is trying to get the word out about the findings, so is kicking off an ad campaign to further illustrate the point:

Clearway Anti-Smoking Ad

You can review the report here in PDF.

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