My Favorite Travel Blogs

I’m a bit traveled out for a bit, so I’ve turned my attention to travel blogs. Here are a few I like:

1. Killing Batteries – Lief Pettersen is a local travel writer. As in, he’s a local, and he writes about travel. Not that he writes about local travel to Hugo or Savage. He shares behind the scenes looks at life as a travel writer for Lonely Planet and travel magazines where he’s forced to review the women’s spas at resorts in Guam or why Anthony Bourdain’s Romanian adventure was hosed. He’s the same Leif Pettersen who writes the This is Why I Love Minneapolis (and Sometimes St Paul) blog.

2. Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations – I found this one through Leif’s blogroll and really like what Tim covers. For example, he reviews an amazing Mayan ruin outside of Cancun that’s virtually undiscovered by the typical tourist crowd that heads to Chichen Itza.

3. Go Green Travel Green – Kimberly and Elizabeth, the blog’s co-authors, love to travel, but also love to try to be as green as possible when doing so. They provide great tips on how to cut the environmental impact of your travel plans. For example, taking a non-stop flight not only gets you to your destination faster, it’s also a greener choice for the environment. Now you have all the justification you need to avoid flying through Chicago.

Do you know of any travel blogs worth checking out?

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Travel Blogs”

  1. I’m a fan of Go Green Travel too; in fact, it wasn’t long after I started blogging myself on that I found out it existed!

    Another favorite of mine is the green blog,

  2. As a blog slacker, I can’t claim a single rss feed, but if I was to jump on one, this one caught my eye awhile back (an alter ego to my static self) as someone who boldly travels–

  3. Rather than reading travel blogs, I’ve found myself more and more often seeking out expat blogs in my areas of interest.

    Depending on where you’re going, you can’t always find them, but every now and then you can strike pure gold.

    My all-time (Honduras) fave is:

    But there are zillions, all over the place.

  4. One of my favorite travel blogs is Intelligent Travel. I like it because it has an emphasis on eco-friendly travel and goes well beyond standard popular travel destinations and attractions.

  5. We’re glad you like our blog Go Green Travel Green! Watch for a new great series in the upcoming weeks. Also, we’re also big fans of Intelligent Travel. Useful and fun content.

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