How to Look Good in Facebook Photos

Have you ever noticed that everyone looks good on Facebook? Is it just me, or do people on Facebook look better than the people on a typical dating site?

My theory is that people look better on Facebook because they’re actually who they say they are. If they’re pushing content under their own name they’ll work harder to make sure they look good. Compare that to dating sites where half the users are pretending to be someone other than themselves.

Along these lines, Geek Sugar has a post up on how to look good in online photos.

Tips include trying the over the shoulder look that many celebrities seem to prefer.

One other that I’d suggest trying is the high angle photo. As most people know, taking a photo where you’re looking down at the lens can be dreadful since it makes it look like you have 17 chins. Instead, lift your camera way above you for a shot to make those chins go away.

But be careful. If you get too good at this your friends won’t recognize you when the see you in the real world.

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