Battle of the Fun Bars

I rode the LRT to the final stop in the warehouse district on Monday, exited, and noticed a bar called Sneaky Pete’s for the first time.

Sneaky Pete's - Ultimate Fun Bar + Grill

For all I know it’s been there for years, but I think I’m all little to old and a little too married to fully appreciate a “fun bar.” So, Sneaky Pete’s bills itself as the “Ultimate Fun Bar” but right next store is Drink:

Drink - The Original Fun Bar

Oh crap. What’s a frat boy to do? Should you go with the “original” or the “ultimate” fun bar for your Coors Light? Which one draws the ladies, thus the guys?

I tried to figure it out with the help of TCRazzi but learned little.

If you had to go to a “fun bar” which one would you choose?

14 thoughts on “Battle of the Fun Bars”

  1. I’ve been to Sneaky Pete’s a few times – it is pretty cool. They have big screens all over the place but instead of broadcasting TV they have two closed circuit cameras that are pointed at the public stripper polls in the middle of each dance floor. When you’re on it you can see yourself from any angle!

    It’s actually a pretty fun place. The funniest is part is at last call they don’t let you leave through the main entrance. Instead they herd everyone out this side door that actually goes through Dream Girls front door.

    When you pay the cover at Pete’s you get free cover for Dream Girls, but you still have to buy the nine dollar soda.

    As a younger bar goer I’d still prefer to hang out at Williams, or Brits. Those fun bars are a little to fun for weekly adventures.

  2. I’ve been to both, and, generally speaking, they suck royally. Drink: The only “original” and “fun” thing about this otherwise dime-a-dozen discoteque is the FREE happy hour appetizer buffet Mon-Thur. Most MPLs bars seem to have done away with that. But remember to dress business casual; I was denied entry because of jeans and a t-shirt at 5pm last summer.
    Sneaky Petes: The trashier side of “fun”. Besides the “clubbin” scene, I suppose it could be a place to go with your buddies to watch a game on a boring Saturday afternoon (don’t go there on Sunday, you heathen), or on a bachelor party pub crawl, and that’s about it.

  3. I was going to say that I was too old for these “fun” bars, but after talking to my sister (early 20s), she assures me that there are plenty of douchebags my age (early 30s) and older at these bars, hitting on the younger ladies.

    Unfortunately, I’m neither single nor a douchebag, so I’ll stick to places like The Muddy Pig and Town Hall.

  4. Neither really, since that time my girl and I walked by Drink and this young Ambercrombie douche packer was literally puking on the floor (projectile like) in front of some girls he was apparently trying to hit on. Yuck, sums up everything about hose places.

  5. Um, I’ve been to Drink, the Original Fun Bar’s Des Moines location. How can a chain be original? Automatic disqualification, if you ask me.

  6. For what it’s worth Sneaky Pete’s has mobile stripper stages/poles that they wheel out after 10pm, or so I’ve heard..

  7. Sneaky Pete’s is owned by the same people that own Dream Girls (hence the sharing of a door and the free cover). Many of the waitresses are employed by both if you catch my drift.

  8. The comment from holly #4980 is WRONG! Just because they are owned by the same guy doesnt mean all the cocktail waitresses are strippers, sorry. Whoever told you that crap is a lier.

    Sneaky Petes is the BEST!

  9. Sorry for any confusion. I did say Many, not all, and it may have been better to say some That information came from someone connected to one of the owners. I think it is apparent that not all of the waitresses are strippers. Just because a girl is attractive, doesn’t mean she is a stripper.

    And, yes, I like Sneaky Petes too.

  10. Jenna, a close reading of Holly’s comment shows that she didn’t state that “all” of Sneaky Pete’s waitresses are also strippers. She said, “many.”

  11. By the way, Holly’s comment #5103 was mistakenly marked as spam so held in queue for a bit. I commented before noticing that.

  12. Sneaky’s is the perfect place to spend your Afternoon for lunch with friends or clients, Happy Hour to unwind with coworkers, or Evening to party. The place has an amazing menu with great pricing and the food is all made from scratch in house. Get the tots, they are my favorite with the Sneaky Pete’s Jerk Chicken!

    In the Spring, Summer, and Fall Lunch is enjoyed both inside and my favorite, outside on their two story patio. The patio is heated so in the winter we go out and smoke there.

    Happy Hour is super cheap with $1, $2, $3 Drinks and $2-$3 Apps. Their prices and food blow the Uptown competition out of the water.

    We go to Sneaky Pete’s every time we’re downtown to party, because they have the best crowd and great DJs.

    We happened to catch the last home Vikings game there this year and let me tell you, Sneaky’s knows how to throw a pre-game, half-time, post-game party! I am looking forward to Twins Season since they right at the Warehouse District/Hennepin Avenue Station!

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