Psycho Suzi’s Plate of Bacon

Plate of Bacon

Last weekend, I was with a group at Psycho Suzi’s in Northeast just minding my own business trying to enjoy a glass of Summit in the corner booth when I was asked to pick an appetizer from the menu. My first choice was pizza rolls, which I’ve had there before and enjoyed. Apparently, that was the wrong choice since everyone who was with me verbally attacked my choice, explaining that we were having pizza for dinner.

Silly me. I didn’t know that you couldn’t have pizza rolls before pizza. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. I’d eat little wieners before a hot dog. Or cheese & crackers before fondue.

My backup was the bacon plate that is pictured above. This thing was delicious. And check out that presentation. I was picturing a white plate with 6 or so slices of bacon stretched out on it. But this was a full dozen on toothpicks on top of a bed of lettuce, giving the illusion of healthiness. Wonderful.

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  1. You really went “hog” wild and “pigged” out! Did you enjoy this with a bottle of s”wine”?

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