Protestors on Lake St Bridge Mark 5-Year Iraq War Anniversary

Every Wednesday, a group of peace lovers hold a peace vigil on the Lake St Bridge over the Mississippi River. Living only a few blocks from there, I often run into the crowd.

But I knew something was different about today’s vigil. For one, cars full of people with “Get out of Iraq” signs were filling up the street in front of my house. And there was the hum of a helicopter hovering over the Mississippi from one of our local news stations.

It turns out that 5 years of killing people in Iraq has really motivated people.

My favorite sign: “Who put our oil under their sand?”








5 thoughts on “Protestors on Lake St Bridge Mark 5-Year Iraq War Anniversary”

  1. I’m not with the protestors but I’m grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom to express our views.

  2. Robert, I definitely agree. However, if you’re inferring that the Iraq war has protected freedom of speech in America, I hope you didn’t pull something with that stretch. 🙂

  3. I just wish they wouldn’t do it when I am trying to commute down that road.

    Or, more correctly, I wish everyone on the road in front of me didn’t feel the need to drive so slow through the festivities. I guess it is my fault for not learning by now…

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