Nice Beaver

Sea Plane in Vancouver

This seaplane, called a Beaver, pulled up to a dock outside my hotel room in Vancouver to drop off some people who work downtown. This is one time where it’s acceptible to open your window and yell, “Nice Beaver!”

How’s that for a cool commute? Dock to dock in downtown, avoiding rush hour traffic on the bridges.

Four passengers got out with their briefcases and walked off to their offices. Apparently, the plane can hold up to 6 passengers.

8 thoughts on “Nice Beaver”

  1. Light Rail, Schmight Rail.

    We need some of these in the Cities. We have plenty of lakes.

  2. Jezuus…if I wasn’t sucking the life out of a Tyskie polish lager and listening to My Morning Jacket, I might have laughed out loud. But, life is too good to waste good beer on a good joke, well done laddie.

  3. Freets, don’t you mean to say the best rides on a Beaver are loud and bumpy?

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