What NOT to Blog About

This is a quick list of things to avoid blogging about as a business blogger.

1. Self Promotional Posts – Nobody is interested in hearing you talk about how much experience you have in business or how incredible your customer service is. The biggest challenge here is that you’re saying nothing of value to prospective customers while simultaneously making statements that any of your competitors could make as well. Instead, focus on educating people about various aspects of your business. This will infer expertise and prospects will find it valuable.

2. Copying Trademarked Content – If you find a news article that your audience may find interesting, great. Share it will them, but DO NOT copy / paste the article onto your blog. Instead, include an excerpt from the article such as a paragraph or two that is particularly interesting. Then link to the article from your blog post so your readers can click through to read more if they’re interested. That’s great blogging etiquette and will avoid trademark issues.

3. Negative posts – It’s very difficult to write effective negative posts. There are many challenges here, including being perceived as someone who has to put people down to prop yourself up. There are plenty of positive things you can write about, so take the high road. If you want to write about something that you disagree with, be sure to do so in a way to provides value such as a learning experience, rather than simply tearing someone down.

4. Legal Advice – This could get you into trouble. Avoid it.

What would you add to the list?

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