Sparks 6.0 vs 7.0

Paul got in some skiing last weekend along with some Sparks Swigging and had a chance to compare the 6.0 varietal to the 7.0.

Sparks 6.0 vs 7.0

As I understand it, the number stands for the alcohol percentage. As Paul points on on Flickr, the 6.0 is orange while the 7.0 looks like something that ended up on Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

I haven’t tried the 7.0, but have rocked the 6.0 hard in the past at a wedding. It did not disappoint.

5 thoughts on “Sparks 6.0 vs 7.0”

  1. Used to be a big Sparks fan. I have a Sparks shirt and a few of us invented the Sparksbomb back on ’05. Good to see more locals reppin’ the Sparks. They used to give me a deal on 24 cans of it over at Lake Street Liquors.

  2. Good times I tell ya. The 7.0 is pretty dangerous, but I like the taste better. The 6.0 is a bit more “orangy” for my taste.

    I should point out, we weren’t skiing, but snowboarding. I traded double planker wanking for knuckledragging years ago. 😉

    Aaron, I’m lovin that shirt! It looks like the lab type glasses served at Welch shares the same theme.

  3. Glad to hear they have a better version available. The “low” alcohol content and over the top orange flavor/teeth stainer are two negatives in my book. I’ll give the new stuff a try and maybe they’ll earn my business back. I’m currently a bigger fan of Tilt, a green 8.0% gem of a drink for those times when you just can’t get the engine going. Harder to find around town than Sparxx though.

  4. I just can’t get on board with the sparks….redbull jag or redbull vodka I can do but the sparks just doesn’t cut it.

    btw: sobe energy drink + Jag = disgusting

    rockstar and monster offer suitable substitutes to red bull though.

  5. Wait, so what happened to Sparks+? Were you in Canada or something? I believe that the domestic labels are Sparks, Sparks Light, and Sparks+.

    I was startled enough by the 6.0/7.0 thing that I went to Sparks website where I discovered “Cooking with Sparks”:

    Sparks & Mickeys = Angry Irishman
    Sparks & Icehouse = My Angry Spouse
    Sparks & OJ = Sparks Slushy
    Sparks & Miller High Life = The Lunchbox
    and for all the upper midwesterners,
    Sparks & Leinie’s Summer Shandy = Slim Shady

    Surely this will help all of you out there who are wondering what to do with a fridge full of Sparks and various other beverages, some of which are barely drinkable on their own.

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