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I Find Little Value in Andrew Zimmern’s Blog

First, the feed is truncated. And regular readers of The Deets know how I feel about that. You had better write one heck of an intriguing headline or excerpt to get me to click through. Zimmern managed to do that today when I saw this in my Google Reader:

Chow & Again Blog Post in Google Reader

So I clicked through. What did I find?

– A food critic throwing over the top insults at another food critic about a new restaurant review

– No link to the article Zimmern is upset about, making it difficult to read for myself.

– A half dozen name drops of people I’ve never heard of with titles that mean nothing to me.

– Some interesting commentary on the congressional hearings regarding slaughterhouses.

– Plugs for the previous and next time Andrew will be on the tee vee.

This done with writing that feels like someone is driving 80MPH on the highway while jerking the wheel back and forth. Check out the pairing of the two sentences below:

Despite my respect for her personal opinion and emphatically stating I believe that she is simply writing her own ‘truth’ about her experience there, I am in shock. Anytime she wants to have dinner there, I would love to take her and give her a primer in what makes for great cooking.

He respects her opinion, yet feels she needs to be educated by him on what great cooking tastes like?

Swerve, swerve, swerve.


8 thoughts on “I Find Little Value in Andrew Zimmern’s Blog”

  1. I removed his feed after he posted that he loves Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers (which I mentioned here). I seriously cannot trust the opinions of anyone who will drive many miles out of their way to eat chain fast-food ladened with MSG and who knows what else.

    After reading the post that you mention above, I see his point (and Twin Cities Eats’) but I can’t say I agree that he should have berated their style just because he disagrees.

    I’m all for poking fun and even being out and out rude but I think you take it to a whole new level when you have a readership and audience like he apparently does (just short of 150 RSS readers and who knows how many others).

    If you’re a professional critic I would hope that you have a bit more couth than he has displayed by calling someone else a “brain dead moron”. Now, me, I would have called them a douchebag but I have a 14% returning reader rate and no national attention 😉

  2. I’m glad you summarized that post because I didn’t bother to read it. Like most truncated feeds, it takes a lot for me to bother clicking it and as a result, I rarely read his site anymore. The last time I spent time with actually reading his site was over the lame chef/critic food fight right before New Years.

  3. I’ve never checked out his site, but I have watched his show. Not impressed. I’m convinced that he doesn’t enjoy half the stuff he eats…but just puts on a show. I much prefer Anthony Bordain for shock-value eating.

  4. i haven’t met a chef yet that can tolerate hearing the name Andrew Zimmern, let alone being able to stomach a word he utters.

    i think he’s talentless and boring and i can’t understand why he has a show all to himself.

  5. what brandi means is that he steals other critics’ material without attribution, makes stupid hand gestures, and is much taller than other food critics.

  6. Couldn’t agree more!!!! Anybody ever feel like maybe Zimmern’s pushing his own celebrity a little too hard?

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