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Energy Coffee

Something about the term “Energy Coffee” seems a bit redundant to me. Personally, I’ll just turn my Krups Grind & Brew to 11 if I want more kick from my beans, for others may prefer to pour a cup or this stuff after topping off their tanks.

I haven’t tried the stuff, but ENERGYGURU from (aka Energy Drink Reviews) gave it at try at a Speedway location in Chicago . . . in the future. His post is time stamped March 11, 2008. So it’s quite possible that this produce has time traveling properties and is kept warm on a flux capacitor.

Energy Drink Reviews: Speedway Shockwave Energy Coffee

About 45 minutes after finishing the cup I started to get real jittery, definitely more than with a normal coffee. I swear I couldn’t stop my foot from tapping. One thing Shockwave Energy Coffee definitely did though was perk me up. I was up big time with my eyes so wide open and my head screamingly clear. This is like power coffee. I kept my caffeine rush on for a few hours before a screaming caffeine crash that left me nearly delirious. It’s like drinking a normal coffee first thing in the morning and then coming down from the caffeine, but magnified three times. I still didn’t know what was in Shockwave Coffee so I emailed the marketing department at Speedway SuperAmerica. They were really friendly and got back to me within 3 hours. They claim that Shockwave Coffee has the same ingredients as their other coffee blends, but with a higher caffeine content.

And an anonymous commenter explained that this is strong stuff:

Energy Drink Reviews: Speedway Shockwave Energy Coffee

I have been trying to figure that out myself. My caffeine rush from this coffee lasted 12 HOURS!! I was able to do 11 hours of overtime off of it. I had never felt so awake. I love the coffee, but I wish it would not cause me to talk fast, histerically tap my feet and make me feel like running around the entire office twice!

Here’s a tip: don’t drink this stuff before golfing. I have a feeling that it would destroy your short game.

7 thoughts on “Shockwave Energy Coffee at SuperAmerica”

  1. I tried it and was quite appealing to me. I had been drinking it for a month and now just last Friday they took it off the market…Funny thing is I cannot find it online anywhere??? So whats the mystery? I like to purchase some if anyone has any ideas of where???

  2. You guys have no idea about what is on the market. This stuff is a imitation of Adrenaline Rush made by Sobe. Sobe discontinued the line so this is the next best thing. The generic brand. It can not and will not kill you. The stuff that will kill you is called Spike Energy Drink and has sent ten year olds to the emergency room for heart palpitations. I believe there is one death because of it. This energy drink is “lite”.

  3. I just started working midnight shift when shockwave came onto my radar it has helped me so much thru the first months of midnights I get a large 3/4 shock 1/3 double Hershey’s chocolate
    I love the stuff and I didn’t drink much coffee so of course this week they discontinued it.

  4. I have never had the shockwave coffee. I have had the shockwave energy drinks, and they did absolutely nothing for me. I wasted my point on several 16 oz cans of the stuff, and I which I had my points back.

  5. Where can I purchase a bag of this shock wave coffee I live in Kalamazoo and I’m very sad that they took it off the shelf at Speedway cuz I used to drink it everyday could you tell me where to buy at please

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