Valleywag Sex Ban Filter Launched

I’m no prude, but the idea of speaking at a seminar about RSS only to have a post about Silicon Valley escort services pop up in my Google Reader doesn’t turn me on.

For that reason, I whipped together a filter for Valleywag that filters out the posts from their new sex columnist, Melissa Gira Grant. No offense, but like escorts, there’s a time and a place for this sort of thing.

This filter will give you all of Valleywag’s full-post feeds with the exception of posts from Ms. Grant.

And I threw in a bonus filter for sponsored posts. You probably see as little value in those as I do, so you can knock those out by filtering for the word, “Sponsored.” If you DO like sponsored posts, just knock out the value in the first text field.

Resubscribe to the site using the feed generated at the above link and you’ll be all set.

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