Minneapolis Crime of the Week

Next time you get cut off downtown, think twice before honking or flipping the guy the bird. He may have just spilled his drink while reaching for his handgun:

7th/Park Av S: Officers observed vehicle driving wrong way on one-way street, stopped vehicle; there were open bottles of alcohol in plain view; further investigation revealed loaded handgun under front seat: 2 Arrested/
CID investigating

One more reason to avoid 18+ nights:

100 blk 4th St N; 2nd/7th Av; 7th/Hennepin Av: Sunday evening from at approx 9:15-10:30, officers responded to several large fights, SHOTS FIRED calls; crowds of teens attending club event became involved in altercations with one another, gun violence erupted; 1 victim sustained non-life- threatening gunshot injury located; 2 handguns recovered: several Arrested/ RECOVERED WEAPON/ASSAULT
CID investigating

Kids these days:

Lake/Hiawatha: Group assaulted, robbery victim who went to HCMC, arrested youth have ties to MTS school, frequent this location
5 Arrested: ROBBERY

38th & Chicago holds onto its title as my least favorite intersection in South Minneapolis:

38th/Chicago: Victim taken behind convenience store, robbed, checking video for suspect information
Investigating: ROBBERY

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