Staging a Home for Real Estate Photos

Bonnie Erickson offers a great reminder to declutter before taking photos of your for sale home.

They include taking pictures of your own purse which you dropped on the table in order to take the picture; leaving the toilet seat open; magnets on the fridge; etc.

Which reminds me of a time when my friend Eric lived on Grand Ave near Pier One. I was in college in Fairbank at the time and was sporting a decent afro. One day, I picked it out, took a picture of it, and sent a copy to Eric. He put it on is refrigerator.

Jump ahead a few years. Eric moves out. I’m at Billy’s on Grand and run into another friend of mine from high school who tells me that he recently saw me on the refrigerator of an apartment he was checking out just down the block.

So, another reason to declutter is to avoid leaving afro photos behind when you end up moving.

5 thoughts on “Staging a Home for Real Estate Photos”

  1. Chia Ed-
    Your afro is forever ingrained in my memory.
    Believe me, I tried to delete it. But it just wont go away.

    P.S. Poofreading is simple

  2. Jeff, the photo is from the pre-digital era so I’d have to dig it out, scan it, yadda yadda. I’ll get around to that one of these days.

    DJLa, you’ve had some decent fros in your day too, my man.

  3. The only reason we were actually able to sell our home in late 2006 was thanks to a picture of Ed and his ‘fro. Except, instead of it residing on the fridge, it was taped to the mirror in our bathroom as I tried daily to duplicate the ‘fro. Alas, no ‘fro for Freets.

  4. Thankfully those I call friend would NOT publish a picture of my “fro”. As for the purse issue, it’s truly annoying to get a perfect picture IF the purse had not been there. Thanks for the mention, Ed.

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