Maxwell’s Fire

Maxwell's Fire

Water is being pumped into the building through the roof and 3rd floor windows. Maxwell’s, on the first-floor corner, did not appear to be directly on fire during the time I was there, but it would certainly be filling up with thousands of gallons of freezing water, causing serious damage.

Maxwell's Fire

At zero degrees, things ice up fast. Metro Transit has a bus on the scene so fire fighters could take turns warming up.

This shot is from the 3rd St Ramp into downtown with Bobby & Steve’s car wash in the foreground:

Maxwell's Fire

More photos here.


14 thoughts on “Maxwell’s Fire”

  1. Damn. This really sucks for Maxwell’s as well as the apartments above it. I hope everyone got out fine. Thanks for documenting this.

  2. Oh, so that was you I was standing next to! 😀

    I thought so, but wasn’t sure. So I took the Minnesotan route and didn’t say ‘hi.’ But, um, hi!

  3. I wasn’t there long. I didn’t bring gloves, so my fingers were my limiting factor, so no socializing. I was actually about to head downtown to check out the St Anthony pool draining when Aaron mentioned this action.

  4. From what I saw, the St. Anthony drawdown wasn’t anything spectacular. If it’s still down tomorrow, I saw some cool pics from people who went on the north side of the river down under the bridge.. I might go. Can’t see much from the Downtown side.

  5. Maxwells! That sucks, hopefully they have her up and running for Thursday nights this spring! Anyone know the cause?

  6. Actually they’re talking about it on KQ right now…sounds like it started on the 2nd floor. Nobody hurt, still no word on the cause. Oh yeah, and they called Maxwells a “hamburger joint.” I prefer the wings.

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  8. By the way, read in the Downtown Journal that the damage to Maxwells was just water and smoke, and they’re optimistic about being able to rebuild the restaurant.

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