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Damn that Tay Zonday

Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate

Carly and I were driving through Uptown today when we had a hankering for some caffeine. We pulled in to Loon Express Marathon gas station at 28th & Lyndale to get our fix. After navigating past a pretty significant porn magazine rack, we found the coolers where I had my first encounter with Cherry Chocolate Rain – aka. Diet Dr Pepper Chocolate Cherry pop.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to try it to see what Tay Zonday was talking about in this video:

After navigating past the incense and pot pipes, I threw down for the $0.99 (on special) beverage, snapped this photo outside, and took in my first cherry chocolate rain.

I must say, it was surprisingly not bad. While I was expecting an aggressive chemical burn from the first sip, that wasn’t the case. It’s actually drinkable.

6 thoughts on “Damn that Tay Zonday”

  1. Man, that’s kinda’ like a bad car accident. You don’t want to watch it, but you can’t help it.

    The rapping is pretty cool though. “He moves his mouth away from the mic so he can breath.” That’s good stuff.

  2. Aww, that is too bad. We need more PhD rapper-musicians in the world to counter-balance the less educated ones.

  3. He didn’t pass he prelims, is what I heard . . . which can happen but takes some doing.

    Also, he wears a bicycle helmet when he drives a car.

  4. A bicycle helmet in a car. Awesome. I love interesting people. I’ll watch for him when I’m down by the U.

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