4 thoughts on “Double ‘bou”

  1. Lewis Black has a bit about him visiting the end of the world where he walked out of one Starbucks and directly across the street was another 🙂

  2. yeah, when they were building the second one – the one to the north – i asked the people at the legacy (south) one when they’d be closing. they were all “oh, we won’t be” and i was all “whaaa?!?!” and they were all “yeah, we do so much business here that we already can’t handle it.” (which seems crazy, because when you compare it to, say, the usbank skyway caribou or the downtown tgt starbucks, it’s not even close.)

    but don’t worry, it’s not like the keep the same hours. i think the south one opens at 5:30am, whereas the north one doesn’t open until much later. like 6.

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