Easily Accessible Power Outlets

Power at Hilton Garden

Apparently, I’ve complained about restaurants not having adequate power outlets for long enough for people to take notice.

I’m now receiving photos from people who’ve found restaurants that actually do have accessible power, like the one above taken at at Hilton Garden Inn in Grand Forks, North Dakota this morning.

However, there can be a side effect to being accommodating: some people may choose to abuse the hospitality, as one Minneapolis coffee shop near my house has found out:

But though they’ve had Wi-Fi for more than three years, Berg has noticed a shift recently. In short, people are treating her coffee shop — and others, according to her friends who own similar places — like a public facility where they can get a free Internet connection, ice water, and bathroom facilities.

This particular coffee shop provides free WiFi and runs power strips around the place, making power easy to find.

While they could password protect their WiFi, they could simply limit the number of seats with accessible power. That would cause people to pack up when their batteries dies rather than camping out all day.

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