What’s in that Video Lease Building?

I’m pretty sure Video Lease is the only place in Longfellow where you can buy porn videos. That is, if you don’t count the 10,000 Internet connections. However, if your taste in porn involves VHS tapes, Video Lease is your only answer.

Adult & Regular Movies

But did you know that you can also buy artwork at Video Lease? No, this isn’t some sort of joke about two girls with a cucumber being art. They really do have artwork at Video Lease. After passing through the front door past the VHS collection of mainstream movies, you’ll find a door to your left. This will take you to the porn stash.

However, on your way to the porn stash, you’ll find a display of Island Art:

Island Art & Adult Films

I bet the revenue per sq ft is the highest for “Adult Films”.

3 thoughts on “What’s in that Video Lease Building?”

  1. That’s some pretty terrible art. But I guess it looks like the kind of art you might see in the home of someone who buys porn on VHS.

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