Share Your Resume Revision History with Google Docs

Is the world ready for resume revision histories?

Imagine using Google Docs to write your resume. It’s not a bad choice since you don’t have to worry about losing it in a hard drive crash. Just login to your Google Docs account, make a few updates, and send off a current resume to whoever you’d like.

In most cases, people today would save off a .pdf or .rtf version for emailing, print it, or copy/paste it into the body of an email.

But what about this: how about just inviting someone to your resume instead? Not only could they view your current resume, they could review the revision history of the Google Doc to see how your resume has changed over time:

Revisions of a Google Doc

Would this be valuable?

It seems like it could add an additional layer of authenticity to your resume since people could see exactly how your resume has evolved over time. This could obviously backfire on people who play a little loose with the facts on their resume, but that would mean there are even more benefits to those who are comfortable doing this.

Resume RSS

Taking things further, you could allow people to subscribe to the revision history of your resume, so every time you make a change they’ll receive an update in their RSS reader. It pretty much automates keeping in touch with prospective employers.

Just how stupid is this idea?

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