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Minneapolis House for Sale: 3852 45th Avenue S

House for Sale: 3852 45th Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN

If I had to pick one style of house that defines the Longfellow Neighborhood of Minneapolis, this would be it.

The location here is pretty sweet: 4 blocks from “downtown Longfellow” where you’ll find the Riverview Theater, Cafe, and Wine Bar. It’s only a few blocks East to W River Parkway and the trails that head north/south from there. Generally, things get a big pricier in Longfellow as you get closer to the river. However, 45th Ave S is in some ways better than 46th because 46th has a lot more traffic – being the first N-S through street from Lake to 46th (Ford Bridge). 38th St E, while not my favorite street in Minneapolis between Hiawatha & 35W, is one of the best ways to head E-W across the city to access the lakes. It’s also a bus route, which I believe will take you to downtown (anyone know the bus route #?). The 38th St LRT station is certainly walkable.

It’s also very close to the community gardens where tons of neighbors have a shared space for vegetable gardens – although I hear there is a waiting list for that awesome resource.

The house appears to be in great shape. A 2-car garage is always a plus in this neighborhood. The one thing I think it needs, based on Elaine Anderson’s photos, is some landscaping love.

Check out the pass-through window from teh kitchen to the dining room. How cool is that?

5 thoughts on “Minneapolis House for Sale: 3852 45th Avenue S”

  1. Looks like this house only has 1 BR on the main floor. That seems very odd. I always thought these houses had the BR, BA, BR order on one side of the house. Looks like they did a nice job with upper bedroom, though would be nice to have a master suite up there instead of the den

  2. There’s also one bedroom up with a loft space. I went through it last Tuesday…that’s my job 🙂

  3. I use to live in the house at 3852 45th ave s mpls when I was in grade school thru the beginning of high school which was in the 1960s. My dad and mom bought that house and the one to the right. My dad redid sooooo much in that house before we moved. It had two bedrooms up stairs and one on the main floor and a full basement which also included a small bedroom (and a few very large closets). He also redid the kitchen, basement and more. It was the funnest time of my traveling life. I now live in Arizona. Their names were Jerry and Rosella Wikner. Just thought I’d post a commenty

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