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Lake-8 DFL Caucus Results

Lake-8, for those of you not familiar with the term, is a made up name for section of Longfellow between Lake & 38th St E. For more on this check out Jackalope Ranch.

Lake-8 roughly represents the area of SD 12-1, which I believe runs from 36th Ave S to the river, and 36th St E to Lake St E, to more like Lake-6.

Here is what it looked like heading into the caucus in the Sanford Middle School auditorium:

Signing In

Once inside:

Getting Ready

And here are the results:

DFL Caucus Results for 12-1 (Northeast Longfellow Neighborhood)

Statewide, it looks like Obama’s going to end up with something close to 66% of the vote. However, the smarter and more sexy residents of SD 12-1 threw down a whopping 71.4% for Obama.

Can you beat that?

I’ve found two:

SD62 W-9 P-08 (West of Hiawatha for ~12 blocks between 35th & 39th St). 77% Go Tillie’s Bean!
SD62 W-2 P-02 (in Richfield from Portland to 35@, Crosstown to 68th St) 77.6% Go Holy Angels!
Whittier – localhuman at 9:19 PM said his precinct went 84.3% for Obama.

6 thoughts on “Lake-8 DFL Caucus Results”

  1. 12-3 was packed as well. There was absolutely no room left in our small classroom by the time we voted, and the line was still way out the door. Frustrated that there wasn’t enough room, but thrilled with the turnout.

    I was really surprised by the number of people in their 20s and 30s. I knew that the neighborhood was getting younger, but it was nice to see.

  2. District 10-6 in Minneapolis had 80.4% going for Obama. It was my first time caucusing, and I’m glad I stayed for the meeting itself.

  3. LoFo was representing in 12-3. It was crazy. My favorite moment was as I writing down Obama’s name on some scrap of paper (i.e. my Official DFL Presidential Ballot), some 20something was standing by me and turned to his friend and, “Dude! This is awesome! Everyone is voting for Obama.” So much for anonymity.

    Actually my favorite moment was when I was waiting in line outside with 18027 other people, a car drove by and shouted “Go Romney!” followed by a Dean scream. It was pretty funny.

    Good times.

  4. Yeah, my precinct in Ward 9, Precinct 1 went Obama with 77.7% of the vote. We’re largely the western end of NoLo (North Longfellow, the forgotten side of Lake St).

    In 2004, much to my dismay, Kucinich was the big winner in my precinct.

    The majority were first time caucus-goers and a good diversity in age. Down the hall at Sullivan School, the Ward 2 people had such a big turnout that they were still subcaucusing at 9:00 PM. Nelson-Pallmeyer was the big winner in the resulting delegates. It is his backyard though.

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