Launched "paper click adds"

Amazon paper click adds invitation

I just received an invitation to check out’s new “paper click ads” which sounds really revolutionary.

Paper click ads sounds like you somehow click on paper, causing something to be added to the paper. This must be in beta.

Or, it’s quite possible that the person writing the service’s invitation email has no idea what their developers have built.

Could this be a “Pay Per Click Ads” service? I think that’s a bit more likely.

In reality, it looks like a PPC based advertising option where advertisers can place ads on specific product pages. For example, if you make an iPod accessory, you could place an ad for that accessory on an iPod product page that links to your story (leaving on a cost per click basis.

I think Amazon has realized that it’s sometimes easier to make money by driving people away from their site to other relevant content rather than converting sales and shipping products. This will vary by category and product, but they’re probably onto something with this concept – once they get their marketing people understand the difference between “Pay Per Click Ads” and “paper click adds.”

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