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Hey Hiawatha-Lake Businesses: Fix Your Signs

Signs Not Working

Congrats to Target and Fashion Bug for being the only businesses in their Hiawatha-Lake mall with signs for their stores that actually work.

For the rest of you, there is no way I can support a business that doesn’t care enough to keep its business’ name in working order. Fix it.

9 thoughts on “Hey Hiawatha-Lake Businesses: Fix Your Signs”

  1. Or, “we’re minimizing our carbon footprint.”

    They’re just pandering to the powerful “Buy Green” market of Longfellow.

  2. really can you expect much from a “dollar tree” store….probably force them to be a
    “buckandahalf tree” and lets be realistic; not the same zing!

  3. “Where is the property manager for this mall, and why aren’t they all over this?”

    ROI would be my guess

  4. Why would you possibly care? Take your grand self to uptown where you can bask in the delight of over-priced stores with signs that actually work.

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