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Before Christmas, Google sent me a gift card to thank me for making them rich. The gift card was redeemable for $100 in donations at – a site that coordinates donations with teachers who could use some funding for their classrooms.

I threw the $100 toward a math project at Burroughs Community School in Minneapolis. That went toward the $493 the teacher requested for the project.

Here’s a response I received after the project was fully funded: Feedback

The site offers a pretty cool way to connect with teachers in your local community. Even if you don’t have a diem to donate, try looking up some schools near your home to see what motivated are working on.

If you’re a Deets reading teacher with a project listed on Donors Choose, let me know. I’ll pimp it here to help get it funded. Or, feel free to link to it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “ is Pretty Darn Cool”

  1. DonorsChoose is great! I have my girlfriend (who is a teacher) vet some of the choices.

    I also somewhat screen by level of poverty in the school. I was not about to give the hoity toity west Bloomington high school money for their 100th extracurricular program when an elementary school teacher in Minneapolis just wants a rug for her kids to sit on.

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