Amazon RSS Wishlist Generator

Let’s say you have an Amazon wishlist that you’d like to syndicate onto your blog. While Amazon does provide some widgets for this, none of them are as simple as just giving you an RSS feed you can format yourself.

With that in mind, I went digging for a solution and found a few options that were close to what I was looking for on Yahoo Pipes. There were solutions where entering your wishlist’s ID was enough to generate a custom RSS feed for your wishlist items.

However, they fell short if you had more than 10 items on your wishlist.

To solve this, I cloned one of the pipes and added a field for page number, so a person can now enter which page number they’d like to generate an RSS feed for.

Ed's Amazon RSS Wishlist Generator

While this is an incremental improvement, I’m sure someone could figure out how to generate a feed that simply detects how many items you have on your wishlist and generates an appropriately long RSS feed of the results.

That’s one of the coolest things about Yahoo Pipes. Incremental improvements can happen very fast when there is simple graphical documentation of how previous versions of the program work.

So, what do you do with this feed once you have it? In my case, I syndicated it onto a page of my personal blog using a WordPress plugin called SideRSS (which is a little out of date, so there are probably many other ways to to this). This generates a clean bulleted list of the items on my wishlist for my blog so my friends and family can buy me all kinds of stuff I crave from Amazon.

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