Wreaths on Car Grills in Late January?

I’m not judging whether wreaths on car grills are tacky or not. But I am saying that wreaths on car grills in late January is sadder than leaving Christmas lights on your house all year.

Someone ought to leave this person a passive aggressive note.

One thought on “Wreaths on Car Grills in Late January?”

  1. Someone SHOULD write them a passive aggressive note on a discarded envelope that they have laying around their trashy, passive-aggressive car, making sure to underline words or phrases within the note. They should then place the note carefully under the windshield wiper of that car. Finally, they should walk away feeling not only smug, but content that they have fought for justice in this unfair world of people who drive with wreaths in their grills.

    The note writers are the ones making a difference in this world. There should be a new superhero called “Notewriter” who reports to the Hall of Justice with Green Lantern and some of the other lesser-known heroes. (S)he wakes daily and seeks out vehicle injustices, like parking a little too close to the line for their liking, or perhaps parking a non-compact car in a “compact only” parking space, or yes, perhaps because they’re still driving around in late January with a wreath on their grill. I recommend that Notewriter’s costume appears in the form of a large douche bag with a cape and a large supply of discarded envelopes attached to the utility belt.

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