Graeme's Ultimate Demo 2008 Preview List

Graeme Thickens has compiled an exhaustive list of every company that’s scheduled to present at DEMO 2008 with links to the company sites (which may or may not have much to say yet).

There are tons of interesting new companies with products that may or may not have seen the public eye yet.

tubemogul logoOne that is out that I’m hoping to hear more from is TubeMogul. They created a service I had been hoping someone would create for quite some time. It’s a video upload and pushing service that allows you to upload a video to the web once, then push it out to most popular video services like YouTube,, and Revver. This saves a ton of time and upload bandwidth.

What makes it really nice is they aggregate view stats from all of the services you push your video to, creating a powerful analytics dashboard.

Rumor has it that they’ll have some new announcements at DEMO that will make the service even more useful.

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