Naymz: A Stalker Enabled Social Network

Naymz is a social network that appears to be going after something close to’s market. Their slogan is, “Empowering Reputable Professionals.”

I was turned on to the site through an invite from a friend and have had a chance to casually check it out over the past few weeks.

While it does offer some interesting features for professionals such as the ability to endorse friends or use friends as online references, I can’t get past the site’s biggest problem: stalking.

Naymz offers reporting on which other Naymz users have been viewing your profile. While this is certainly fascinating information, it doesn’t take long to realize, “Wait a minute. That means everyone whose profile I visit can see that I’ve visited them too.” At that point, I realized that this site wasn’t for me.

Premium members can find out more about whose stalking them, as this internal ad shows:

Naymz: Stalk your Stalkers

If I paid, I could see who was visiting my profile, what IP address they visited from (possibly telling me which company that worked for), where they are in the world, and and the exact time they visited. If the referring link showed something like a company’s internal webmail, I could also infer that I was being talked about.

Naymz: Reports and Tools

This is all fascinating information, but the reporting flops when you realize that the same type of information about your Naymz browsing is being shared with other site members.

Could you imagine how quickly Facebook users would revolt if Facebook started reporting who was viewing your profile while telling everyone else whose profiles you’ve been viewing? That would kill it.

And if that would kill Facebook, Naymz may be dead on arrival if they don’t pull the plug on their stalking reporting.

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