Minneapolis Crime of the Week

Kudos to the fast food worker who helped recover this 13-year-old’s purse:

2nd Av S/E Lake: Officer responded to purse snatching; 13-yr-old victim at bus stop accosted by 2 suspects who grabbed her purse, fled on foot; nearby fast food restaurant employee who witnessed robbery pursued suspects, recovered purse; employee to be nominated for MPD Citizen’s Award of Valor
CID investigating

One shouldn’t have to deal with deal with crap like this when walking between the street and their home:

2600 blk Pleasant Av S: After victim was dropped off by friends in front of residence, she was approached by male who exposed himself, asked her for sex; victim refused, angering suspect, who then grabbed victim’s purse, fled in black 4-door Explorer with tinted back Windows
CID investigating

Release the hounds! Great job, K-9’s:

2300 blk 25th Av S: Officers responded to Burglary in Progress observed man running from scene, foot chase ensued; several officers assisted, set up 4-blk perimeter; K-9 officer arrived quickly to track from where officer last observed suspect; another K-9 officer started search in adjacent blk; suspect discovered lying between garage, stored RV at rear of residence; K-9 bit suspect, officers arrested suspect without further incident; victim positively identified suspect who was transported to HCMC: Arrested/BURGLARY
Precinct investigating

Shoe prints in the snow lead to arrest:

2200 blk Humboldt Av: Homeowner was checking burglar alarm inside house when noise heard at window, looked out window, saw a suspect trying to pry open window; victim tapped on window, suspect fled; officers located suspect, found crow bar in snow, suspect’s shoes matched prints in snow; victim positively identified suspect: Arrested/ATTEMPTED BURGLARY
Precinct investigating

Some Longfellow action:

4500 blk Hiawatha Av: Suspect entered store, implied had gun, demanded money from cashier, fled with cash; suspect captured on videotape. Arrested: ROBBERY of BUSINESS

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis Crime of the Week”

  1. A few years back there was a gang house in our neighborhood. One night someone tried to break into our house by prying open a front window, but my two dobermans happened to be sleeping near the window.

    The perp took off and I called the police. When the police arrived we followed the tracks in the fresh snow to the front door of the gang house.

    The police said they couldn’t do anything, and listed off a whole bunch of potential excuses the suspects would use that would evade charges.

    Good thing they caught this person out in the open.

  2. Wow, I’ve never before felt pleased about anything to do with my local McD’s, but I guess there’s a first time for everything! (Or perhaps the helper was from Gorditas el Gordo? I guess you could call that fast food too…) At any rate, good for the person who helped that kid.

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