Metrodome Crowds Analyzed

Katie, who lives downtown Minneapolis near the Metrodome, mentioned the other day that it was pretty obvious that the Monster Truck Show was back in town.

It turns out that she’s not the only person who noticed this. Dylan from A Place Called Blog did too, and decided to break down the demographics of each Metrodome crowd’s appearance based on what he’s experienced while working in the area:

Vikings games are the easiest to peg. That’s because there are the most cars and the most people and they’re almost all wearing Vikings jerseys, often bearing the names and numbers of players who have long since left the team. (Dude, your Doleman jersey may have been cool in the early ’90s, but it’s time to get with it.) Vikings fans also are the most likely to drive monstrous pickups and SUVs. The parking lots look as if Denny Hecker has rolled in and set up some kind of special exhibition of the newest and biggest ways to spend $35,000 and get 8 miles to the gallon.

Droppin’ a Hecker bomb. Classic.

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  1. Monster Truck Night is the worst night of all nights in downtown Minneapolis. If you’d like to hear more, including the horrors of Monster Truck Night’s past…just ask Kyle. He’d be happy to explain.

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