Nothing says, “Manly” Like Old-School Aftershave

Max has helped me understand the feminization of modern men with his aftershave review. Today’s man spreads estrogen mimicking lotions on his body, leading to man-boobs and a preference for fruited beer.

My taste for Honeyweiss is Exhibit A.

Remember when men smelled like men and preferred applying stinging chemicals over soothing? Max remembers those times fondly (in a manly way) at 50,000,000 Sparber Fans Can’t Be Wrong:


Modern aftershaves tend to be soothing lotions filled with healing and moisturizing botanicals, such as aloe vera, and leave modern men smelling like an expensive salad. No, these are the aftershaves that are meant as astringents and antiseptics, as though shaving was field surgery. They burn going on, an experience the manufactures cover with tougher-sounding buzzwords, such as “bracing” and “invigorating.”

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