Eight Stupid Things About Me

Bex tagged me with a narcissist meme, so I better hold up my end of things.

Here goes:

1. I can’t read books on business or entrepreneurship before going to bed. That crap makes my head spin.

2. However, I can drool on the average work of fiction to book warping proportions.

3. I actually like Target. I guess you could say I’m into tough love for my local big box retailer. Sure, they had to be sued into cutting back on slave labor, but they smile in their ads. What’s not to like? Okay, I admit it. I’m buying more and more household stuff on Amazon.

4. My two favorite forms of exercise on cold winter days are riding my bike trainer while watching a movie, or rollerblading in the Metrodome.

5. I don’t take personality tests very often because Carly takes them for me. Basically, she takes them for herself while also jotting down what she thinks I’d answer for each question. Convenient, eh? Oh, and no, she’s not personality test obsessed. It’s part of her job.

6. I don’t really like running, but I’ve run 6 marathons with a 7th on the calendar for this spring.

7. After beer and caffeine, the toughest thing for me to cut out of my diet would be cheese.

8. While I’ll sit in any airplane seat without too much fuss, my absolute favorite seats are window seats on the right side of the plane because I’m a right-leaner sleeper. The one exception to this is flying East during the day. Then I’d prefer the non-sunny side of the plane where it’s less hot and better for sleeping.

Okay, your turn. I’d like to see responses from Jeremy, Taylor, Kidder, and Hannah.

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