Minneapolis Crime of the Week

That 38th & Chicago redevelopment plan can’t start fast enough:

38th/Portland Av S: Officers patrolling central neighborhoods for possible robbery suspects observed aggravated robbery in progress; 3 young men knocked victim to ground, punching victim while going through pockets; though victim had sustained serious facial injury was able to provide excellent statement; 3 Arrested/AGGRAVATED ROBBERY (all suspects under 15 yrs old)

Are criminals becoming too lazy to get out of their cars?

4400 blk Lyndale N: Officers dispatched to Robbery of Business call; cashier at fast food restaurant drive-thru reported suspect drove up to window, demanded money at gunpoint from car; when victim walked away from window, suspect fled; suspect’s car described as white/cream station wagon
CID investigating

Don’t Jaywalk:

9th/Portland Av: Officers observed suspicious activity, stopped 2 after they crossed street against light; officers recovered 9mm handgun marijuana packaged for possible sale: Arrested/
(1 juvenile suspect)
CID investigating

He just happens to have a whole in his back, but won’t explain how it got there:

41st/Hiawatha Av S: Officers dispatched to report of shooting; victim stated that he was walking along street to fast food restaurant when shot in back; victim otherwise uncooperative, no further information provided; transported to HCMC; no crime scene located; possibly related to Shots Fired call from 5700 blk 33rd which occurred just previously to this call
CID investigating

Insert cops in coffee shop joke here:

27th St E/Lyndale Av S: 2 victims walking on street approached by suspect demanding money; when victims refused, suspect began to punch both victims, continuing to demand money; Night CRT officers, inside coffee shop at intersection were alerted to robbery; when officers tried to arrest suspect, he began to fight with officers, struggle ensued in middle of Lyndale Av S amid oncoming traffic: Arrested/ROBBERY
CID investigating

Actually, that goes to show the value of having cops on the street. Of course, it would have been nice for the criminals to be aware of the police presence BEFORE they started beating the crap out of someone.

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