The Closet Techie

Mike N has a tendency to downplay his tech skills. However, this picture from Nathan’s blog blows away any notion of Mike being a Luddite:

Mike N at The Nook

In case it isn’t obvious from the photo, Mike is about to attempt one of the toughest technical maneuvers known to man: sending a text message while eating a Juicy Lucy.

2 thoughts on “The Closet Techie”

  1. Actually what I was doing was taking a “before” picture of my meal. Then I take an “after” picture when the basket is empty. A high school friend and I send photos back and forth about who is more worthy of being in the “clean plate club.” If you have ever eaten with me, you know I have pathological need to eat all the foot on my plate.

    I would like to add that a) the only reason my cell phone has a camera is because it is standard now, b) I wouldn’t have a cell phone at all if my wife didn’t put me on her plan, c) I never texted or sent pictures until I saw how much you and Carly do it, and d) technology can still suck it. Smoke signals work just as well on a clear day as a cell phone.

    BTW, this picture is now up on two blogs. I’m freaking viral.

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