FUH2 at Circus Circus

This is not the right photo:

FUH2 at Circus Circus, originally uploaded by edkohler.

This is:

FUH2 at Circus Circus

The Luxor isn’t the only place in town with an H2 that’s not worth winning. The North end of the Strip has one too, at Circus Circus.

What’s with old, tire, casinos and Hummers? You’d never see something like this at The Venetian or Bellagio.

5 thoughts on “FUH2 at Circus Circus”

  1. Nice pic.

    I’d love to win one of those Hummers though. I’d turn it over to some enviro group to do something with it to garner some anti-Hummer media. Or paint some satirical message on it and park it perpetually in a spot with lots of traffic.

  2. That’s the same photo as below Ed. You going to post it again in a week and try and convince us that it’s from Treasure Island?

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