Carrie Tollefson’s Running Medical Challenges

Jay Weiner has a great write-up on the medical challenges Carrie Tollefson has been facing in her training for the 2008 Olympics.

2008 Olympics Countdown: ‘Anatomy project’ Tollefson running toward Beijing

But when a machine breaks, a machine gets fixed. When an athlete’s stomach muscles have partially ripped from her pelvis, when the muscles that run down the insides of her thighs are so tight they, too, are yanking at her pelvis … something’s got to give.

The MRIs were clear. Tollefson’s midsection was a mess. But it wasn’t time to call it quits. Not yet.

It’s great to see MinnPost cover running. Especially now that the Pioneer Press has pulled back on their coverage.

Good luck, Carrie.

hat tip to The Other Mike

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