Praying for Lesson Plans

The Angry Professor has her doubts about the quality of education provided by a small Midwestern bible college to one of her prospective grad students:

In which I consider religion and graduate admissions.

The young man will be graduating from a small bible college in the Midwest. I did a quick search of the faculty in the college that will grant his degree: most of them are also alums of this same college. They proudly advertise how their students will earn a degree in [Social Science] that will also bring them closer to Christ. One professor talks on her website about how she frequently uses in-class prayer to help her decide what material to cover.

I don’t care which religious organizations my graduate students belong to, but I do care about the quality of their undergraduate education and their ability to transition to a research institution. This particular college does not seem to be preparing their students well, although I have yet to see this young man’s application materials.

It seems like prayer wouldn’t be particularly necessary when deciding what to cover in a class.

Why not just cover the material a student is expected to understand when the class is complete?

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